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Beading Thread  - C-Lon Size D
  • Category: Stringing
  • Size: D
  • Material: Nylon Monofilament
  • Package Size: 1 bobbin (approximately 240 feet)
  • Beads Per Inch: NA
  • Description: C-Lon became the #1 choice for beadweaving among our customers in 2003, and has stayed there ever since. It is a UV resistant monofilament, that it comes in 36 gorgeous colors, is stretch resistant and strong (a single strand has a breaking point of 7 pounds, so with multiple passes in peyote or get the picture!). If you like Nymo, you'll love C-Lon.
  • Special Note: This is thread for beadweaving, not C-Lon Cord for micro-macrame!