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Beadalon Wire & Accessories

Beadalon wire is incredibly strong, minature, multistrand stainless steel cable that is nylon coated and made specifically for bead stringing. You can use Beadalon wire with heavy and light components such as ceramic, stone, gemstone, glass, and metal beads. There are three types of Beadalon wire - 49 Strand, 19 Strand, and 7 Strand. The numbers 49, 19, and 7 represent the number of strands in each wire. Within the same diameter, the more strands in a wire, the more flexible and kink resistant the wire is. Crimp beads need to have hole that are at least twice the diameter of the wire you are using them with, but not much bigger or they may not hold. Our crimp beads have been specially selected and matched to the Beadalon wires that we carry. You will find this information in their product descriptions.

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