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Miyuki Beads - 5/0 Triangle Seed Beads
  • Category: Seed Bead
  • Size: 5/0
  • Material: Glass
  • Manufacturer: Miyuki Co, Japan
  • Package Size: 6 inch tube, 29 grams (approximate)
  • Beads per Gram: 11 (approximate)
  • Beads Per Inch: 8 (approximate)
  • Description: Made by the company who brought us Delica beads, Miyuki Triangles are a three sided bead with lots and lots of shine. These beads look just like a regular seed bead from any of their sides, and can be used in nearly any place that a traditional round seed bead is called for. But because of their facetes, they will add more sparkle and texture to your work.
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